There won’t be a solid waste transfer station in Carlsborg!  A binding agreement stops efforts to construct a transfer station  at 970 Carlsborg Road. The 2021 application to build one across from the post office was withdrawn in October 2022.

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Update on the Solid Waste Transfer Station in Carlsborg

(Last Updated: February 24, 2023)

Almost 20 years ago, community leaders laid out a Vision for Carlsborg—one with a vibrant Village Center adjacent to the Olympic Discovery Trail, and thriving residential, commercial, and light industrial areas nearby. A solid waste transfer station was not part of that vision. 

When Waste Connections withdrew its 2021 application to build a transfer station across from the post office, we knew we weren’t done yet. They then tried to build one on the adjacent lot, at 970 Carlsborg Road. Citizens for Carlsborg, along with the City of Port Angeles, A-M Systems, and the Peninsula Trails Coalition, filed a series of administrative and superior court lawsuits. 

As a result of those lawsuits, Waste Connections agreed this week to abandon its plans to build a solid waste transfer station in Carlsborg, withdraw the solid waste permit application for it, and let the 2017 permit to build a ‘transload facility’ expire. 

The agreement was signed by Waste Connections Inc., Citizens for Carlsborg, A-M Systems LLC, the Peninsula Trails Coalition, and the City of Port Angeles.

The Vision for Carlsborg is more relevant today than it has ever been. And we will continue to uphold that vision for our community where we live and work.

Thank you for all your support!